Shop Policies

Salon Safety

To ensure the safety of your dog and others, all dogs must be on a leash otherwise carried upon entering and exiting our salon.

Our staff will receive your dog into our play area before bringing them into the grooming room. Do let us know if your dog is unable to be placed together with other dogs and we will separate them respectively.

We kindly seek your cooperation to never open the play area door without permission from our staff. 


To maintain a safe & comforable environment at our salon, all dogs are required to complete the mandatory vaccines and wait at least 1 week after vaccinations before coming for their grooming session. These vaccines are vital to all dogs due to various risk of exposure & transmission. Your dog's health & safety are of our utmost priority, hence, we seek your kind understanding and cooperation. 


Dogs might get nervous/anxious/scared/aggressive during the grooming process which leads to a longer grooming duration. Hence, to ensure the safety of your dog and our groomer, extra care, time or additional staff will be required to complete the grooming session.

We reserve the right to muzzle your dog for safety precautions if any sign of aggression were shown. If we feel that the temperament of the dog may cause any potential risk of injury for both the dog and our groomer, we reserve the right to stop the session immediately and will contact the owner to pick up their dog; any services rendered will be charged accordingly.

We seek your kind understanding as our staff and your dog’s safety is our top priority.



An additional fee will be incurred for dogs with matted fur as it requires a longer time to groom. Also, do note that de-matting can be a very stressful, intensely uncomfortable and sometimes a painful process for the dog. Hence, we will only de-mat the dog if we feel that it can be done safely and without causing them any discomfort.

De-matting and removal of a matted coat can be a dangerous process that may irritate or cause trauma to the dog's skin, especially if the condition is severe. Therefore, it is important to avoid matting by bringing your dog for regular grooming and perform at-home care. 


Condition of dog's coat and type

Often, dogs of the same breed have different coat types. Hence, dogs with a thicker coat require a longer time to wash, dry, and brush. 


Fleas and Ticks

Dogs with such condition must be disclosed prior to booking. We reserve the right to reject dogs with fleas and ticks for the safety of our salon and other dogs. If we notice the dog have ticks or fleas during grooming, an additional fee will be charged for removal, or the grooming session will be stopped if necessary and the owner will be informed to pick up their dog immediately. 


Each dog requires a different amount of time to groom, hence prices vary depending on the dog's breed, size, coat, and temperament. We are able to provide the customer with a price range prior to their first grooming based on the services requested. However, we are unable to give a final price until we see the dog and perform grooming during the actual day.


As stated, there are different factors that require extra time to complete a grooming session. Additionally, a dog's weight may change from time to time. Hence, prices will be charged accordingly.

Late Pick Up

We seek your cooperation to pick up your dog within 30 minutes to 1 hour of the completion of the grooming unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to. This is to ensure adequate space and the highest level of comfort for the remainder of our appointments. If you have the last appointment of the day you will be asked to pick up the dog by the time of closing.

Late pick up may result in additional fees incurred for daycare. 

Late Arrivals

As a small business, we rely on customers arriving on time for their appointment. If you are running late, we seek your courtesy to inform us that you are coming and the estimated time of arrival. 

Late arrival in excess of 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment may result in a reschedule at our discretion to ensure our day can run on time for other customers.


Please kindly give us at least 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Do note that cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a cancellation fee, as last-minute cancellation will result in a missed opportunity for potential customers to get their dog groomed, and of which have been waiting for quite some time.

(Exceptions will be made for emergencies at our discretion).